Vincotech whistleblowing

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Guideline of the Whistleblowing Process of Vincotech

Vincotech supports and allows its employees to report – within the framework of the law – any unfair actions, abuses, wrongdoings or any suspicion of such actions noticed at Vincotech. It also ensures that employees who report information about such actions in good faith receive adequate protection. Vincotechwill maintain the confidentiality or anonymity of the employee making the report within the bounds of the law and of any ensuing evaluation or investigation. Over the entire process, the employer ensures that personal data protection laws in force at the relevant times are fully enforced.

The process and the system is operated by Magyar Target-Pulzus Média Kutató Ltd.

Notification – CLXV of 2013 on Complaints and Public Interest Notices. (Complaint Act) – may be used by employees of Vincotech Hungary Ltd. and Vincotech Gmbh., who are contracted partners of  Vincotech Hungary Ltd. and Vincotech Gmbh. have an appreciable legitimate interest. In case of malicious false report, the provisions of Section 3 (4) of the Complaints Act shall apply.


Pursuant to Section 14 (3) of the Complaints Act, the processing of special personal data in the filing system is prohibited, and in accordance with Section 14 (4) of the Complaints Act, data – that is not required, cannot be processed and relating to a third party not covered by the application under the Complaint Act – should be deleted immediately. In order to ensure the proper functioning of the whistleblowing system, notifications may not contain personal data as referred to in those provisions.


There are 3 ways to report any suspicion action: